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Join the paradigm shift in triage and patient engagement.
Here are some of the use cases we support.



Octopus.Health: A paradigm shift in triage and patient engagement: MACRA/HEDIS Suite

Tailored and quality-focused

MACRA / HEDIS quality measures can impact your practice and how it is viewed by your clients. 

We've designed this package to help you stay on top with your quality performance.

Accelerate quality improvement

Easily track and improve MACRA / HEDIS scores. 

No more protracted assessments to see where you stand – just let the proactive system keep you on the mark.

Automated modules maximize adherence

Reach your quality goals without creating additional workload for HCPs. 

The system automatically conducts direct interaction with each patient with personalized adherence tools.

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management

Easily empower patient self-care

With Octopus.Health’s Personal Care Assistant, your patients living with diabetes, CHF, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia are not alone.

Ease the burden of adherence

We create a personal healthcare assistant for each patient, managing all relevant referrals, tests, checkups and medications.

Individualized motivation for each patient

The personal healthcare assistant offers tailored services and tools for each patient based on their unique behavioral profile.

Keeping you in the driver’s seat

We ensure you stay in the loop with decision making and control. All of the automated data is communicated to CRMs and EMRs if and when intervention is required. 

Octopus.Health: A paradigm shift in triage and patient engagement: Chronic care management

Healthcare Home Delivery Service

Healthcare Home Delivery Service

Stay at home care

Octopus.Health: A paradigm shift in triage and patient engagement: Healthcare home delivery service

As part of its workflow engine, Octopus.Health integrates several home-delivery services.

Each service is tailored to patient needs and behavioral profile.

Such as?

Automated communication can coordinate home delivery of medications, at-home lab and blood tests, and even mobile-based patient monitoring.

Win-win for adherence

Homecare services are very often the best solution for adherence challenges, reducing treatment anxiety, procrastination, and avoidance.

IoT Management

IoT Management

Connected patient monitoring

Octopus.Health can track a patient’s condition with connectivity to IoT monitoring devices, such as blood pressure sensors, glucometers, and heart rate monitors.

Clinic workflow integration

Remote monitoring data and patient communication is seamlessly integrated in your clinic workflow, syncing IoT devices, EMR data, and automated chatbot interaction.

Octopus.Health: A paradigm shift in triage and patient engagement: IoT management



Designed to promote wellness

Octopus.Health: A paradigm shift in triage and patient engagement: Wellness

Some of our modules allow you to focus on wellness and prevention, such as smoking cessation, nutrition, fitness, weight, and behavioral health.

Make the most of our AI engines

Each module is managed by our AI engines to tailor a personalized plan for each patient.

These modules can include management of IoT devices, chatbot capabilities, EMR and CRM connectivity, and more.

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