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Merging a truly patient centric approach with clinic efficiency and quality.

Get a glimpse at how we do it.


Behavioral Profiling

It’s not only what you say – it’s how you say it

Harnessing the concepts of behavioral economics, our AI-based engine is capable of analyzing thousands of patient parameters – such as procrastination patterns, past interactions, health records data - and tailoring a personalized prevention plan with individualized reminders and interaction for each patient.

Keeping up with changing patient needs

Advanced machine learning algorithms enable continuous model training. This enables the system to identify changes in patient behaviors and trends, and to automatically adjust modes of engagement.

Octopus.Health Technology: Patient-centric clinic efficiency and quality
Workflow Management


Octopus.Health Technology: Patient-centric clinic efficiency and quality

The Octopus.Health AI-based workflow engine

Our artificial intelligence-based platform enables us to tailor a unique workflow for each patient, based on their unique profile.

Long-term engagement

The workflow engine enables us to maintain ongoing interaction with each patient, and to recognize when we have not succeeded in improving adherence. The engine will then apply different messages, tools, and services to motivate action.

Robust and scalable

Our platform is capable of supporting millions of patients in parallel, while running dozens of parallel modules for each patient. Adding and modifying modules is also easy and fast.

Flexibility, privacy, security

The Octopus.Health platform enables full integration with EMR, CRM, and omni-channel systems, as well as IoT devices, scheduling systems and other APIs. Once integrated, all are seamlessly managed by the Octopus.Health workflow engine.


The platform complies with HIPAA and GDPR privacy and security regulations.

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