A personal healthcare assistant for every patient

A virtual assistant that understands the patient’s unique problems and provides the right services and tools for complete patient care.

Improve patient self-care and satisfaction

Maximize patient adherence and engagement for procedures, medications and treatment plans.

Provide first-rate service and interaction with patients – at lower costs and with less staff intervention.

Reduce physician and staff workload 

Automated management for admin tasks.

Engage physicians only when intervention is necessary.

Improve quality measures

Helping you close the gaps in quality care and increase MACRA and HEDIS scores – all without loading more tasks on your team.



Scale up with long-term engagement

The Octopus.Health system will engage patients and create long-term relationships between the clinic, families, and individuals. 

Returning customers increase clinic activity so that you can continue scaling up.

Offer your patients more

Easily engaging larger audiences allows you to offer a wider range of services, from lab tests to heart monitoring, vaccines and more. 

Attentive personalized service and better interaction with patients will keep them coming back.

Boost continuity of care

Personalized reminders to your patients will improve prescription pickup, ensure that routine checkups are scheduled and kept, reduce no shows and more.



Reduce the pressure on staff

Patient reassurance has never been easier. Support patients during their hospital stay with a virtual personal assistant – before, during, and after a hospital visit.

A personalized patient journey

Step up patient compliance with customized guidelines and instructions, and track behavior to ensure successful discharge and low readmission rates.


Integrate the Octopus.Health module in your EMR solution

Help your customers provide better service, improve engagement and reduce workload – at the click of a button.

Offer an out-of-the-box ‘Octopus.Health Engagement Package’ based on MACRA and HEDIS quality measures.

Outcomes: An easier route to preventive health

Modules keeping customers on track in no time so that they are getting the healthcare they need - eliminating healthcare costs incurred by deteriorating conditions on one hand and unnecessary clinic visits on the other.

Savings: Simplify the healthcare experience

Patient-centered management tools increase quality of care and patient satisfaction at lower costs and with less staff intervention. 


Octopus.Health is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform ensuring your patients’ personal information is always secure. 

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