Octopus.Health offers a comprehensive AI solution for personalized patient adherence management based on behavioral profiling. Our mission is to enable healthcare organizations large and small to provide tailored and attainable action plans for each patient, while lowering staff burnout and reducing costs.

We can help organizations salvage thousands of appointments each year, and improve adherence to medication regimens and diagnostic testing, ultimately leading to more efficient clinical management and improved quality of care.

Octopus.Health was established by Clalit and IQVIA

Our Focus

Our technology and solution address the key adherence obstacles facing healthcare organizations

Patient motivation and engagement

Understand what motivates each individual patient and deliver the right messages, tools and services.

Effective centralization

Manage multiple adherence groups from one platform. Too many organizations have gradually amassed an assortment of tools and services to manage adherence for different patient conditions.


Harnessing the power of AI

Reduce the ‘cost of adherence’ by applying AI-based services rather than costly human interaction.


Octopus.Health is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform ensuring your patients’ personal information is always secure. 

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