Octopus.Health understands patient behavior.

We provide a comprehensive AI-based platform for patient engagement and management, enabling healthcare providers to maximize adherence and clinical outcomes while reducing HCP workload. 

Truly personalized and automated communication, synchronized with our user-friendly clinical interface.



Built on solid AI technology, Octopus.Health is a comprehensive platform for patient engagement and management. 

By identifying dynamic patient behavior patterns our technology enables healthcare providers to simplify and improve adherence with truly automated and personalized communication tools. 

Hang some of your workload on us.


Platform Modules

We’re all about proactive healthcare to improve patient behavior and quality of care.
Our surefire modules include these and more.



Blood tests Mammogram Colonoscopy Skin cancer screening

Medication Management

Daily reminders Prescription expiration and unfilled prescription notifications

Vaccination Management

Flu, MMR, HPV, DTaP, and more


Quality Measures Suite

Preventive health measures

At-risk population measures

Improving CAHPS scores 

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Patient Feedback Management

Treatment and medications

Population health analytics

No-show detection and management


Why Octopus.Health?

Better Outcomes at Lower Costs

Reduce the high costs of human interaction – reduce the ‘cost of adherence’ for affordable healthcare management.

Consolidate Healthcare

Clinics and patients are employing dozens of tools and services to manage patient engagement and adherence. With Octopus.Health you can manage multiple conditions from one platform. 


Get the Message Right

People are motivated by different triggers. We make sure your patients are getting the right messages, tools and services to keep on track and live healthier lives.


Octopus.Health is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform ensuring your patients’ personal information is always secure. 

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